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Honeywell QuietClean® Compact Tower Air Purifier

End Date: Thursday Nov-10-2016 4:41:41 PST
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New Comfort 6 Stage Air Purifier Cleaner HEPA UV Ozone Generator - 3 YR Warranty
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IQAir New Edition GC MultiGas Air Purifier
End Date: Thursday Oct-27-2016 12:02:38 PDT
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Clear Skin Max: The 4 Step, All Natural, Acne Treatment Product Now Available in the Market with Huge Discount Offer

Los Angeles,Ca (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Finally, nobody has to live with acne anymore. Introducing, a 4-step product set that would effectively get rid of acne and leave users with a clearer, more radiant skin. This newly-released Clear Skin Max acne eliminating system is the ultimate product every that teen and adult is looking for.

Included in the package is the four-step acne-fighting essentials that work together to clear the skin of all imperfections. Each component is made with the most natural, scientifically-formulated ingredients that help clean, clear, and purify the skin deeply and thoroughly. Oil and dirt buildups will be eliminated from the surface for the products effective healing ingredients to penetrate deeply into the pores. The natural ingredients of the formula include tea tree oil, organic kelp, sweet almond oil, licorice root, and many others.

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The four-step formula starts with conditioning the body and the blood stream via the organic kelp supplement that has to be taken thrice daily, preferably before each meal. This supplement, called the Clear Skin Max capsules, is composed of natural sources of vitamins, protein, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, trace elements, and antioxidants. With daily use, the body becomes more receptive to the rest of the treatment process.

The second step involves the use of the Clear Skin Max Face Wash. Use it twice daily to attain the desired effect fast. The face wash intends to soften the skin while cleaning out the pores. It contains oats that heal and soothe the skin, while reducing inflammations.

The third step is the Clear Skin Max Balancing Cream, which has to be applied twice daily onto the affected areas. Made with calendula and other natural herbs, it works as an antiseptic. The formula also has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The last step is to take the Clear Skin Max Cleansing and Detox Tea for up to 8 cups daily. This tea cleanses the body from the inside and out.

Follow all of these steps and a clearer, fairer skin courtesy of the Clear Skin Max revolutionary products will be achieved. Clear Skin Max is distributed in the US, UK, and the rest of the world by Marlia Business SA. For more information about the system, visit

Is there anything negative about purchasing a salt lamp?

Question by humdrum: Is there anything negative about purchasing a salt lamp?
Someone told me their geology professor said the emit chlorine gas and not to buy one, i’ve heard a lot about he positive effects they have on allergies and ashtma, which plague my wheezing life. LOL

Any help would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Mason
You need to give a bit more detail . But if you’re looking for a more natural treatment, here are some suggestions.

Asthma Cures
Asthma home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers
Asthma treatment using Honey

Honey is one of the most common home remedies for asthma. It is said that if a jug of honey is held under the nose of an asthma patient and he inhales the air that comes into contact with it, he starts breathing easier and deeper.
Asthma treatment using Figs

Among fruits, figs have proved very valuable in asthma. They give comfort to the patient by draining off the phlegm. Three or four dry figs should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soaked overnight.
Asthma treatment using Lemon

Lemon is another fruit found beneficial in the treatment of asthma. The juice of one lemon, diluted in a glass of water and taken with meals, will bring good results
Asthma treatment using Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry has also proved valuable in asthma. Five grams of gooseberry mixed with one tablespoon of honey forms an effective medicinal tonic for the treatment of this disease. It should be taken every morning
Asthma treatment using Bitter Gourd Roots

The roots of the bitter gourd plant have been used in folk medicine for asthma since ancient times. A teaspoon of the root paste, mixed with an equal amount of honey or juice of the holy basil leaves, given once every night for a month, acts as an excellent medicine for this disease.
Asthma treatment using Drumstick Leaves

A soup prepared from drumstick leaves, and taken once daily, has been found beneficial in the treatment of asthma. This soup is prepared by adding a handful of leaves to 180ml of water and boiling it for five minutes. After being allowed to cool, a little salt, pepper, and lime juice may be added to this soup.
Asthma treatment using Ginger

A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with a cup of Greek dejection and honey to taste, acts as an excellent expectorant in cases of asthma. The dejection of Greek can be made by mixing one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cupful of water. This remedy should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening.
Asthma treatment using Garlic

Garlic is another effective home remedy for asthma. Ten garlic cloves, boiled in 30 ml of milk, make an excellent medicine for the early stages of asthma. This mixture should he taken once daily by the patient. Steaming ginger tea with two minced garlic cloves in it, can also help to keep the problem under control, and should be taken in the morning and evening.
Asthma treatment using Bishop’s Weed

The herb bishop’s weed has been found valuable in asthma. Half a teaspoon of bishop’s weed should be mixed in a glass of buttermilk and taken twice daily. It is an effective remedy for relieving difficult expectoration caused by dried-up phlegm. A hot poultice of the seeds should be used for dry fomentation to the chest twice daily. The. patient can also inhale steam twice a day from boiling water mixed with carom seeds. It will dilate the bronchial passages.
Asthma treatment using Safflower

Safflower seeds are beneficial in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Half a teaspoon of powder of the dry seeds, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, can be taken once or twice a day in treating this disease. This acts as an expectorant and reduces the spasms by liquefying the tenacious sputum. An infusion of five grams of flowers mixed with one tablespoon of honey, taken once daily, is also useful in this disease.

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Cool Purifiers images

A few nice purifiers images I found:

Karma Kleen – Bamboo Soda

Image by lili.chin
A fab multipurpose cleaning/purifying product that a friend sent me. The main ingredients are Bamboo Charcoal, Baking Soda, Essential Oils and Epsom Salts. It smells amazing. The black pieces are bamboo charcoal.

My friend Heidi is looking for someone to help her market this product. If you know anyone who is interested, please let me know.

Air Purifier whole house UV Light in duct for HVAC AC Duct Germicidal dual lamp

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Open Box - OION B-1000 Air Purifier Carbon Ionic Ionizer Negative Fresh Ions Blk

End Date: Monday Oct-24-2016 14:59:02 PDT
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Holmes HAP9415-UA HEPA-type Air Purifier with Visipure Filter Viewing Window
End Date: Sunday Nov-13-2016 6:36:43 PST
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End Date: Friday Nov-4-2016 7:16:00 PDT
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Las Terrazas Resort in Belize Goes Green with Eco-Friendly Vero Water

San Pedro, Belize (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

Las Terrazas Resort is pleased to announce its brand new, eco-friendly initiative following the installation of its brand new Vero Water purification system at O Restaurant. The Vero water filtration system removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections, resulting in a clean signature taste thats both healthy and environmentally friendly.

“We are excited to share this latest initiative in our effort to go green,” says Carolyn Stone, Director of Sales of Las Terrazas Resort. “The new state-of-the-art Vero Water filtration system provides a safe and sustainable way for guests to enjoy the cleanest, healthiest water possible.”

Access to safe drinking water has improved over many years in several parts of the world and this latest going green initiative from Las Terrazas is a huge step in providing guests with the very best drinking water. Once purified, the water is chilled and delivered still or sparkling in the companys signature, reusable 1-liter bottle in just seconds.

Each 1-liter bottle is designed for reuse, ease of cleaning, and durability, while a special machine-washable plastic bottle is available for poolside service. Vero Water is purified, carbonated and bottled at the point-of-use, a purification process which not only yields a clean, pure taste, but also minimizes waste and carbon footprint. This system will help us achieve our goals of over 90% reduction in the use of plastic bottles.

For more information on this latest going green initiative, or to make reservations, please visit the hotel’s website at or call toll free at 1-800-447-1553.


About Las Terrazas Resort

Las Terrazas, a five-star luxury Belize resort and residential development on the island of Ambergris Caye features 34 magnificent one-, two-, and three-bedroom townhomes. The units include balconies, some with private plunge pools, as well as exquisite furniture handcrafted from Belizean wood, spacious kitchens with granite countertops and Kitchen Aid appliances, large plasma TV’s in each living room and master bedroom, telephones, DVD players, I-pod docking stations, surround sound and free high speed internet access. Las Terrazas is located on the largest private beachfront on the island, has a 70′ infinity lap pool, on site Serenity Spa and Wellness Center, O Restaurant serving Central American & Caribbean fare, an on site PADI 5-star dive facility offering dive and snorkel trips plus an on site Concierge to hep plan an array of tours and excursions. Las Terrazas is also a member of Sustainable Travel International. For reservations visit our website, or call toll free 1-800-447-1553.

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